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A lot of people do not have an idea about what offshore company is about! And that is okay as we really do not hear much about offshore companies and the countries which are the tax haven. However, for all those “offshore” companies, we bring in the best ideas and solutions.

Offshore companies are not offered to open bank accounts in many banks. These countries are known to be the tax haven and many banks in the world, do not permit them to open accounts with them. Where this does seem as one of the most unfair and difficult issues to be resolved; we jump into this scenario, trying to deliver the best that we can to our customers (people who run offshore companies). Where no one allows you to open a bank account, you can engage us and get amazing solutions for your financial dilemmas as well. We promise to make it all happen for you and make your company goals and dreams, come to life.

Our team at Offshore Corpserve looks into the client’s needs closely. We believe in understanding the needs of our clients and look into what they aim to achieve. As working with offshore companies is not an easy task, we need to follow the laws and rules of every country accordingly.

We not only help you open accounts, we help you to expand your company globally. Our client strategy is to help our clients and not only sell products to them. We offer them solutions instead of tools, which allows them to benefit in the long run. Our solutions help our clients get better in their field and stay so for a longer time span.

Offshore Corpserve is a reliable name as it is a company registered in Singapore. You should not feel hesitant when you come to us.

Our team at Offshore Corpserve ensures that the entire process is done confidentially and no other unnecessary third party (involved or uninvolved), must gain any kind of data of our client. We offer a secure working system.

Our team understands the hurdles that might occur in the way of the procedure and can make the clients feel comfortable with the entire scenario, by educating them. We are here to solve all the hurdles for you and make your life and business better for you. With us, you are assured of a long term relationship and a working experience that you would have never fetched anywhere. And if you wish to catch up with our latest updates, you can sign up for our newsletter as well.


Offshore Corpserve is one of the best running companies which offer you to register your offshore company globally. But why should you choose us?

We offer you solutions and services according to the demands and needs of your company. We customize each solution accordingly.

We help our client individually and focus on them deeply.

We run a secure system, where no unnecessary third party is passed your information.

We ensure you quality in all sets of solutions and services that we provide you.

This is what Offshore Corpserve is here for and it promises you to bring the best out of your offshore company and help you avail the dreams that you have seen for it. Join hands with us today to get a better company reputation now and make it registered. If it's registered, it will definitely grow into heights.