1BankOffshore Banking Consultation

Many of our customers are offshore entity owners and they need us to advise them which bank is best for them. In 2016, there were many big and reputable banks involved in money laundering activities in Asia. As a result, many of these banks were either forced to close down or they were fined heavily by the local authorities after the investigation. This situation caused many banks in Asia to force their offshore clients to close their account. In fact, this tested our ability and we managed to open a bank account for our client within a week. Certainly, this wasn't applicable to all the potential clients as we need full co-operation from our clients to make it happens.

Offshore Corpserve has a large range of banks to work with and we have experience in dealing with them. Although we are located in Singapore, we work with banks in Belize, St. Vincent, Mauritius, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Singapore, Latvia, Cyprus, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. In Asia, we have one of the largest range of banks for our customers. 

There are reasons why clients should talk to us regarding open an account with an offshore bank. Firstly, we know the banks better than many of our competitor. We don't think we know everything about the banks that we deal with but we know most of their requirements. There are banks which have a long list of high-risk countries and high-risk activities. If our client has dealt with high-risk countries (don't be surprised that some banks classified the US as a high-risk country and there are banks that accept customers from Ukraine), we will select a bank which matches the client's profile and open an account. Furthermore, different banks require different documents. There are banks that will ask for legalization of documents on top of notarization and there are banks that will as for referral letter from either professionals or other banks. If a client has a problem producing these documents, naturally we have to eliminate these banks. There are banks that we deal with will require a client to pay them a visit but that does not guarantee the client will be able to open an offshore bank account after the visit. We can look for banks who are willing to open an offshore bank account remotely (without a client visits the bank personally) for a client if there is a need to. Some banks may ask for Skype meeting to circumvent the personal visit. Lastly, some banks may ask for a high initial deposit and there are banks that will not ask for any initial deposit within 6 months after a client opened an offshore bank account. We are expert in this field and we find a suitable bank for you

We are the right choice for you if you like to open an offshore account. In fact, for returning customers, we can open an offshore bank account for you at a deep discount to our regular price. Even with our regular price, we are still charging below what our competitors are charging. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and discuss with us about your situation.