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Are you thinking of using offshore entities to minimize your tax burden? Or are you looking for a solution to hide your assets from nasty creditors? We will help you to establish the correct structure for you. Offshore CorpServe is not only a company that helps you to establish offshore entities, we have a large range of solutions in place to help you to achieve what you want. We can help you to incorporate offshore foundations, offshore trusts, and protected cells companies to make sure that you are well covered in every aspect. 

When do you need offshore corporate planning? For anyone who is thinking of expanding their business overseas, it is crucial for them to plan ahead before starting their business. There are many businesses which failed as there is a lack of offshore corporate planning. Although there are many of us who resist the use of offshore entities, there are many big corporations around the world are using it. If the use of offshore entities is illegal, these large corporates should be the first to be prosecuted. It is the best time to do offshore corporate planning at the starting point of your global businesses. However, if you missed the best time to do it, you should start to plan as soon as possible. 

The use of offshore entities may be an important factor why a lot of these large corporates are growing at an exponential rate and we are willing to share with you the strategies which allow you to grow faster without making any change to your business operation. We are trying to address 2 issues here by starting early. The first objective we are trying to achieve is asset protection and it is the best to start early before any unfortunate event takes place. We have to be careful when we are dealing with creditors and we don't want our clients to be accused of fraudulent conveyance if the creditors are at their doorstep. The second objective is tax planning. This is where an offshore company will maximize its potential. However, we have to be careful as the last thing we like to see is when we turn our clients into tax evaders. We do it legally and we do it professionally. This makes us a step ahead of our competitors. By setting up an offshore entity does not automatically let you get away with tax and we will show you how you should do it.

How you should plan for your global business? It is an answer that we should get back to you. All you need to do is email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give us you existing business plan or description. We will advise you according and it is free if you are incorporating an offshore company from us.