Search Engine Marketing Consultation

In 2016, Offshore CorpServe started to remodel their business. Initially, we started off as MC Consultancy and we did not depend on any web traffic to boost our sales. We decided to make a big change by setting up our website and changed our company's name to Offshore CorpServe. Since then, our business is depending on 100% web traffic to acquire sales. In this era, the power of the internet cannot be neglected. We have reached a point whereby the conventional marketing approaches do not work so effectively without the help of internet marketing. 

What is search engine marketing? There are basically a few ways you can market via the internet. We can use email marketing to consistently remind our customers our services but in many instances, these emails will either end up in the spam folders or deleted. The second approach is to enhance your website and make it an SEO friendly site. There are many components in the website which must be in line to be SEO friendly. We don't just throw in a large amount of content without taking into the consideration of how search engines look at your website. However, a good SEO enhancement program will take a few months to see the effect. We classified this as a long-term approach to bring customers to your website. The last approach is Search Engine Marketing. This is a pay per click approach. Although many of us have the concept that it costly, it is not really the case if you understand how it works. 

As a Google Adwords user, we can allocate a daily budget to our marketing campaigns and we can decide how much to bid for the keywords. This is something we like to share. If the budget is huge and if the user tries to outbid its competitors in every aspect, it will deplete its budget and will spend a lot in the "bidding war". The cost to revenue ratio will not be good and it may not be that effective. However, if we try to bid the words at a very cheap price, we may end up no advertisement. We will know how much you will spend if you want to get yourself at the first page of the search engine or the first place of the search engine. We can create a marketing campaign that allows you to make thousands of impressions a day at a reasonable price, can be a few dollars a day depending on your competitors. We can also target the right crowd for you in any country as we can make adjustments to the campaigns. One example is we can target male or female between certain age group and your advertisement will only show to the targeted crowd. 

What can you achieve from here? Many of us who have an internet business will understand that the traffic to your website is crucial. Without any visitors to your website will translate to zero sales for that day. If you create thousands of advertisement impression to the audiences without any sale for the day, you are doing a branding exercise. The audiences will remember your company if they need your products or services. 

You can measure the result of your marketing campaigns and this is the best thing about search engine marketing. If you are advertising through newspaper, TV and radio, you cannot be certain how many of your potential customers look at your advertisement. It is costly to run a marketing campaign through the conventional marketing methods. Using pay per click, I may spend $30 a day and I create a lot of impressions. I know how many viewers I have on my website and I know which are the popular web pages on my website. 

We can help you in setting up all these. Contact us now.