About Us1


Offshore CorpServe Pte Ltd, a company started off in 2013 as MC Consultancy Pte Ltd in Singapore, made a significant change in its business model recently. Prior to March 2016, Offshore CorpServe Pte Ltd was a company that assists customers to incorporate offshore companies in a few jurisdictions.

In February 2016, Offshore CorpServe Pte Ltd decided to go “online” and expanded its range of services. With these new features in place, it marked the beginning of www.offshorecorpserve.com and the opening offshore banking account services to the customers.


We are specialized in corporate structure planning with enables the clients to attain their goal. In most cases that we dealt with, we can come out with structures that allow the clients to achieve a better financial privacy with an option to minimize their tax expenditures through our offshore tax planning services.

We are proud to offer our customers the best and the most convenient solution to cater for their taxation, banking, and investment needs. With the e-commerce platform, Offshore CorpServe Pte. Ltd. has made the process easier for everyone, globally.

We started off as an offshore corporate incorporator and we understand the clients. Many clients will want a bank account after they incorporated an offshore entity. That is where we come in and assist the clients and we can assure the clients there will be a bank suitable for them.

When all the offshore companies get tired of the repeated rejection from various banks, we come into the scene to help them out. The companies from tax haven countries, which have a problem to open bank accounts, by the majority of the banks in the world have no one to speak up for them or help them get this facility.

We solve the problem tactfully by matching the customers’ profile with the banks’ requirements. Since we have a good working relationship with more than 25 banks, we understand the banks better than anyone in the market as we are one of the corporate service providers that have the highest number of banks to work with.

There are banks that insist on meeting the clients and there are banks which allow the clients to open a bank account remotely. There are banks that have a longer list of high-risk countries which deter clients from sending and receiving funds to these countries. It sounds complicated initially to us but we managed to figure out the tough situation for our clients.

In September 2016, we managed to achieve more by providing Panama Private Interest Foundation, Cook Islands Trust to our customers. These are mainly assets protection entities that we have in place to protect our customers from creditors and frivolous lawsuits.

The entities we are able to incorporate have expanded tremendously from IBCs (International Business Companies) and LLCs to Trusts and Foundations. We believe that with these 4 entities in place, we are able to achieve a very versatile corporate structure for customers.

Our team at Offshore Corpserve makes sure that every step of the entire process is 100% legal as we respect the rules and regulations in all the jurisdictions we dealt with when we are planning a corporate structure for the customers. Each country has their own laws, and we will work within the legal framework. Working with offshore companies can be a sensitive issue due to the negative public perception. Therefore, we will a set of strict protocol in the procedure which ensures a clean and secure working system.

We have a wonderful and remarkable experience which makes us stand out in this field. We offer a wide range of solutions, products, and services. Our services and solutions help our clients with their banking, cooperate and investment needs. We are gratified to announce, that since 2013, we are proud of offering the best and most comprehensive services and solutions to our clients. We not only promise to get them a bank account but we also help them by registering companies globally for them. We work closely with the clients to bring the best outcome to them.

Our solutions become the best bet for our client’s taxation, banking, and investment issues. We have successfully made this process easier for everyone so that people do not feel hesitant to approach us. We will strive to achieve more by providing a wider range of services and useful jurisdictions to our potential customers.