All-in-one Services

As a corporate service provider, we have most of the services that you need to achieve your objective as a businessman. We understand the problems faced at the initial stage when you start up a business and we have everything you need under one roof. The reason why we come out with a holistic solution for you is we want you as a client that will come to us when you encounter problems. We are specialized in offshore incorporation, global tax environment, the recent change in offshore tax proposed by OECD and the advantages of using different entities for various purpose. We used to be able to incorporate an offshore company in many jurisdictions. However, we noticed the shortcoming of our services and we decided to reduce the jurisdictions to a few useful ones. At the same time, we increased the types of entities we can offer to our clients.



The clients that we are dealing with require us to keep all the information to ourselves. This is part of our culture in Offshore CorpServe and we will only disclose information to the relevant parties. In most of the cases, we only disclose information to the relevant registered agents in different jurisdictions that we work with and to the banks that we want to establish accounts for our clients. Although we have done our best to keep all these confidential information to ourselves, we prefer to work with clients who are honest with us. We ensure our clients that we will analyze the situation and propose the best solution for them. 



Initially, we started off as an offshore incorporator. Along the way, we acquired knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Foundation and Trust Laws. We found the advantages of combining different entities to achieve total anonymous for clients and set up entities to help clients to avoid financial catastrophe. Unknowingly, we became one of the service providers which has the largest number of banks to work with. This gave us a good knowledge on the banking practice around the world. We are match-maker which matches the right client for the right bank.


Low Cost

One of the advantages of having an offshore company is low running cost, yet efficient. This is the hallmark of Offshore CorpServe as well. We are trying to achieve more for the clients with low running cost. In most cases, we deal directly with the suppliers and we are able to get attractive prices for our customers.