Offshore Merchant Account

Offshore Merchant Account

Whether you are Sam or Richard, you can't eliminate your foreign exchange risk if your cost of products and your revenue are priced different currencies. Let Offshore CorpServe helps you to solve this problem for you.

We looked for many payment gateways and merchant accounts providers during our initial stage of business.

Why we need an offshore payment gateway and merchant account?

We were disappointed initially until we found a few solutions that we can truly rely on. There were service providers who rejected our application as well even if we are willing to pay for their services. As an online merchant, we aim to deliver value for money services by lower down our profit to benefit our customers, not to the merchant account and payment gateway providers. To all the potential online merchants, you deserve better terms and conditions. Say goodbye to high setup fee, high monthly fee, high yearly fee, and high rollover reserve.

Call us for a free consultation, we will use our expertise to solve your problem.