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Search Engine Marketing

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SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

By using Search Engine Marketing, we will bring traffic to your website in no time. We understand your problem. As a business owner, you worry for your sales. Before we talk about sales, how many of us talk about marketing your products or services to the right crowd? That worry will soon be our worry, not yours.

Many businesses have a website but how many of us turned it into a leads generating or a revenue generating tool? Maybe a small percentage of the businesses managed to do that. But what so unique about those who managed to do it compared to those who can’t? The answer is very straightforward and it is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). How much does it cost?

Offshore CorpServe did an experience with their own website and we found that in order to generate more than 18,000 internet advertisements, we spent less than SG$32 and we have 142 visitors came to our website that very day. Needless to say, we had a lot more enquiries on that day. 

Are you contemplating employing a staff to market your products or services for you? We will be happy to provide you with the know-how and to enable you to achieve the kind of viewership that we have. If you are spending SG$32 a day, you are spending less than SG$1000 a month to achieve that. What is the estimated viewership of your advertisement? It should be around 0.5m. You should see the number of visitors scoring to above 4000 visitors a month. Let’s assume that only managed to close 1% of the enquiries and what is the profit? Only you know the answer, I can’t answer that for you.

There is no magic behind this, we are able to customise your budget and come out with a decent marketing plan.

Imagine your website is your shop. Do you want:

  • a marketing campaign that will help you to find the customers that meet your requirement (Age group, sex, and marital status)
  • to target specific location of customers who are within 10km of your shop or in certain countries?
  • to target those who are using a desktop computer, a tablet or a handphone user?
  • to target certain industries or sectors that potentially can be your customers?
  • measure the effect of your online marketing compared to the amount you spent?
  • to remarket your products or services to those who visit your website before?
  • your customer to find you when they are searching for some words that are related to your business?
  • to control your daily budget of advertising so that you don’t need to commit a large amount of fee?
  • to control the timing of your advertisements so that you can limit your cost?
  • to create the type of advertisement (text, graphic, video and email) you want?

Google Adwords marketing, or Pay-per-click marketing, is an effective way to bring traffic to your website in the fastest possible way. Recently, Offshore CorpServe has been certified by Google to set up Google Adwords marketing campaign for customers. We are happy to be your online marketing agency. 

What is our fee?

For every $100 you spend, 80% will go to Google and 20% will go to us as the digital marketing management fee.

Why is it priced this way?

We priced it this way so that many companies will be able to benefit from online marketing. How much will you be spending if you want to employ someone full time to run the marketing campaign for you? If you are ready to spend US$5,000, only US$1,000 will come to us. The rest will be paid to Google for all the marketing campaigns.

Are we able to guarantee an increase in the customer’s online traffic?

If there is no increase in traffic, we will be happy to refund you our fee. In another word, you just need to pay Google and we will refund our management fee to you.

We charge US$200 to set up 3 Google Adwords campaign for you. If you are a new user, we will give you a voucher from Google.

However, if you are considering to appoint us as your Internet Marketing agency, we will charge 20% on what you spend on Google as an agency management fee. We will send you the advertisement performance on a monthly basis. For those that spends more than US$20,000 a month, we will charge 15% of the what you spend on Google. As for those that spends more than US$50,000 a month, we will charge 10% of the what you spend on Google.

Do email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and discuss with us your specifications.

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